Olive Oil: the best seasoning for our health

'Since 4000 years olive oil has served the Mediterranean cultures as everything: from money to medicine. Now the entire world is discovering olive oil, the most versatile fruit juice ever squeezed. Olive oil has a unique position among vegetable oils because of its chemical composition, health benefits and flavor characteristics. Indeed, its composition like that of human fat explains why our organism absorbs this nutriment so easily, better than any other oil or fat. The abundance of natural elements like chlorophyll, vitamins (A, F, D), lecithin, poliphenols and unsaturated fat acids reduces the incidence of infarct and cardiovascular disease as well as the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol (LDL, VLDL) and raises HDL factor (desirable cholesterol). Furthermore, the high content of antioxidants that help block the free radicals, helps children grow and slows aging, is good for the bones and joints, the skin, the liver, and the intestines. Olive oil is also conducive to a lower incident rate of cancer.



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Author: Elisa


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